Rumi Food: Freekeh Salad

Ingredients: 250g freekeh 350ml water 5g salt 20g flaked almonds, toasted 30g ewe’s milk feta, Bulgarian style 75g green grapes, 75g red grapes, halved 1/4 bun parsley, roughly chopped 125ml extra virgin olive oil 25g pomegranate molasses 45ml red wine…

Rumi Food: Almond Milk Pudding with rose jam


A classic Rumi dessert, the Almond Milk Pudding is elegant and distinctly Middle Eastern with a topping of rose jam and pistachio.

 Recipe Serves 5  You will need:
 1Lt full cream milk 
100g sugar
 200g almond meal
 50g rice flour
 150g crushed pistachios…